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Best Cooking Fever Cheats for Gamers
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Over the last few updates, Cooking Fever cheats has become more of a frenzied phenomenon of time and resource management. There are frequent delays when you are about to unlock a new location, new restaurant, and a set amount of perks that would take you to the next level. This takes the “pressure” out of the game because smartphone owners may just quit playing Cooking Fever until after a few days or few hours the notification prompts them of the game’s availability again.

I remember when NordCurrent made this game, it was a blend of speed, RPG style elements and so much stuff that made people enticed throughout the day. However, there is a way to overcome those delays and scarce resources. A lot of people use cheats and hacks to allocate Cooking Fever gems and coins to their account. It is good to know that someone is looking out for such players by creating Cooking Fever hacks that work as advertised.

If you have not played Cooking Fever before, and are starting out as a new player. I have written down some general guidelines. For those who are already several levels into Cooking Fever, and want to find a working hack tool, just skip to the bottom of this article. Following are some user friendly Cooking Fever cheats for new & entry level players:

·        Food preparation and timing is everything!

It is a good idea of prepare food before your customers start pouring in. The warmers will keep the food ready, and the customer wait timer to a bare minimum. This will help you unlock resources and next level stages rather quickly. Don’t worry about the drinks though; they refill on their own.

·        Kitchen Upgrades will make your life easy:

As soon as you will cross level one, which is pretty easy, Cooking Fever will give you the opportunity to upgrade the kitchen. Do it, before it’s too late. Spend coins and gems on buying kitchen resources, as they will turn out to be a huge blessing in later stages. In fact, with an upgraded kitchen, you will be able to make more food simultaneously.

·        Restaurant Upgrades across the map:

From Breakfast Café to Chinese, there are over 8 different locations in Cooking Fever. All these locations have respective restaurants, and therefore they require upgrades as well. An upgraded restaurant will mean that beyond the visual appeal, your customers will be tempted to eat there as well. Also, the coins’ rewards from upgraded restaurants are more than what comes from a base version.

Finally, the Cooking Fever Hack Tool!

Just to make things a lot more easier, there is a working Cooking Fever hack tool available as well. Just click the button below, and you will be redirected to the hack tool interface.

It is completely safe and works online; you don’t need to connect your smartphone or download any suspicious file. Follow the on-screen instructions to update the amount of items you want. Just go to this recommended cooking fever cheats site on to get started.

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